The NJ Hall of Fame museum is the nation’s first state hall of fame mobile museum. In creating a mobile museum, one of the biggest questions was “What do we do with all of this content?” The committee responsible for the creation of the museum had also created a curriculum dictating what content needs to be front and center. Where was the rest of it going to go? This, however, was not the biggest challenge. There was a particular station that required Vanik’s specialized touch to create something engaging, fun, and durable (with all the children moving through the museum, this was extremely important).


We were able to solve the content challenges through simple digital touch display interfaces that categorized content by county and alphabetical order. Visitors can browse through New Jersey’s historical inductees at their leisure.How we handled Les Paul’s featured station was a bit different. Les Paul had a station dedicated to him, and the committee wanted an interactive symbolizing his historical guitar influence. Vanik’s deep knowledge of on-site engagement and technology allowed us to think outside of your typical digital install. Instead of using another touch display, we created a physical interface, with the appearance of a guitar face. We then installed metal wires where the strings would go. We were able to turn these wired into sensors that connected to a PC. When touched, they play the corresponding string on the guitar. In addition, we used an infrared sensor for the whammy bar so visitors could fluctuate the sound of the strings.


Aside from our partners being impressed with our ability to consider interactive exhibits in dynamic fashion, we delivered an exhibit piece that facilitated the goals of the committee in drawing attention to the Les Paul content. Children and adults love to play with our simulated guitar and it has proven to be as robust as we intended, withstanding the pounding hands of children across the state.