The first of our installations at the Philadelphia Zoo was in the Asian and African Pavilions. The Zoo cycles various big cats in and out of these exhibit spaces and wanted a way to communicate more information about cats on exhibit on any particular day. They also wanted to involve people more deeply in the stories of each cat and provide a more unique, engaging interaction with the exhibit.


We needed to accomplish three things for the Zoo: 1) We needed to create an interface that grabbed attention, was easy to use, and could handle various types of content 2) We needed to make the content completely customizable for the Zoo so they can evolve the stories of their cats and experiment with what content gets the greatest reaction from visitors 3) Create a CMS and integrate with their intranet so the Zoo can manage their content from anywhere at any time. We accomplished all of the above with a digital touch-screen display designed for accessibility and throughput, themed around the Zoo’s branding and designed for limitless possibilities for future tech integration.


Not only can visitors have a deeper, more enriching experience in the pavilions, but the Zoo is now completely in control of each cat’s story. With our backend tracking, they can experiment with content until they pinpoint exactly the type of content that visitors want to experience. They can also experiment with ways to drive visitors to the Unless Project. ROI in these installations was freedom of content, tracking and reporting.