Transitions Lenses are one of the most innovative advancements in the vision industry, but sales representatives' demonstrations were behind the times. To illustrate the features and benefits of Transitions lenses, sales reps carried a physical set of tests and samples. The cumbersome demonstrations were reminiscent of a high school science fair. Transitions envisioned a tablet-based app to mimic real world examples and called on the technology decision makers at Vanik for an elegant result.


Vanik worked closely with Transitions scientists and technicians to ensure that virtual demonstrations were backed by real science and accurately portrayed the properties of the product. Following the direction of the Transitions brand guidelines, Vanik’s technology team designed a clean and intuitive multi-touch user interface to guide sales reps and end-users through various lens demonstrations.


The Transitions eLearning app was a hit. 100% of sales reps preferred using the Tablet based eLearning application over the physical demonstration kit. With the sales team armed with the right tool, a tool enjoyed by both the sales team and consumers, Vanik helped Transition Lenses increase sales.